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United Way of Bedford County will kick off its Annual Campaign, Wednesday September 9, 2020. The kick off is to announce the start of the fundraising campaign and our goal for the year. The campaign goal has been set at $150,000. Our campaign progress will be measured on our campaign board located outside of the Bedford post office. The campaign board, an Apple Tree will feature the “fruits” of UW donations, represented by red apples, each apple is descriptive of services and/or programs offered to Bedford County residents by the local United Way’s 14 Community Partner non-profit agencies.

This design highlights the work of our partner agencies, who provide support to hundreds of county residents; young, old and in between. Each green leaf on the tree will represent $2500 in donations, donations producing “fruit,” or services provided by county agencies.  We wanted the focus to be the fruits of campaign donations, not a focus on dollar amounts.   Of course, as the tree becomes greener, more funds will be available to ensure a fruitful harvest, a harvest that translates to continued or increased agency support.  The campaign or “growing season” continues through May 2021.

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Our impact

We serve non-profit agencies for the greater benefit of the Bedford County community. Our focus is on Health, Education and Financial Stability of the community.

Our 14 Community Partner non-profit agencies provide many essential and worthwhile services and programs to Bedford County residents - young, old and in-between.


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You can help serve your community in many different ways. Get involved by signing up to volunteer or make a donation today!